TL Dosimetry

TL dosimetry has been established for several years as a valid alternative to film dosimetry.  Thermoluminescence dosimeter (LBSTL) ensures an accurate valuation of exposure to ionizing radiation using state of art procedures and equipment. 

The outer shell is thin, lightweight, impact resistant, weatherproof and perfectly symmetrical. Thanks to the small size of the sensitive material, this methodology is indicated for the dosimetry of extremity.

LBS provides detectors, enclosed in casings, cold sterilized by immersion in liquid bactericides.


Evaluation of exposure to ionizing radiation χ, β, γ and e-, best for external dosimetry. 



  • automatic data acquisition and evaluation.

  • severe reduction of incorrect attribution of the dose;

  • High sensitivity of measurement;

  • unimportant fading in a month;

  • possibility of dosimeters sterilization by immersion in bactericidal liquid;

  • customization of identification labels.


Technical Specifications

Sensitive Material: LiF (Mg, Cu, P) – GR 200 A
Minimum detectable dose: 30 µSv
Linear range: 10-7Sv - 10 Sv
Energetic dependency: photon, 30 KeV - 3 MeV <20%
Usage interval for e  radiation: 400 KeV – 3 MeV

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