Radon Dosimetry

LBS offers two technological solutions for the determination of the average concentration of Rdaon gas activities in the air. 


EIC System (Electret Ion Chamber)

The well-known and reliable EIC system is composed of a teflon disk electrically charged with a process which makes permanent charge, mounted on a plastic support which it can be applied on suitable chambers having a defined volume. The coupling of electret with different sensitivity and combined chambers of different volume allows the evaluation of the average concentration of radon gas activity in the airfor periods lasting from a few days to several months. The valuation process is simple and the constant verification procedures and calibration of its equipment by LBS provides high precision and accurate results.


CR39 System

The CR39 system is composed of a diffusion chamber, or container, and by a detector of nuclear tracks. The diffusion chamber allows radon only in input, not its decay products. The sensitive volume of the chamber is optimized depending on the efficiency of the detector for the alpha radiation emitted by radon and progeny, according to the duration of the sampling period. The sensitive element is constituted by a trace detector of PADC, an organic polymer trade named CR-39. The detector consists of a plate of dimensions 25 x 25 mm   and a thickness of 1.50 mm. Each detector, supplied already assembled and ready for use, is uniquely identified by an alphanumeric code printed on the sensitive part and in the outside of the device.






Evaluation of average concentration of radon gas in air.



  • High stability;

  • Results not altered by temperature, humidity, dust, mechanical shocks, concentration of external static charge, concentration of ions outside the dosimeter;

  • Different measurement range best suited for specific needs, possibility of continuity between periods of few days and one year with fading almost unimportant.


Technical Specifications

EIC System

Sensitive Parts: electrets with different sensitivity (LT e ST) 
Chambers: S – 210 ml / L – 58 ml 
Sensitivity: from 296 Bqm    gg to 25.160 Bqm   gg (*) 
Dynamical Range: from 9.250 Bqm   gg to 629.000 Bqm    gg (*)

Campo di Accreditamento:  (100 – 2500 kBq*h/m3).

CR39 System

Sensitive Parts: polyallyl-diglycol-carbonate slab (PADC)
Chambers: 40 ml
Dynamical Range: 20 - 40000kBqh/m

Campo di Accreditamento:  (100 – 3000 kBq*h/m3);


Download Radon CR39 Dosimetry
Technical Sheet

Download Radon EIC Dosimetry
Technical Sheet

(*) Variable dependings on configuration in use.