tubi metallici
alluminio di consegna

Radiometric controls

on metallic semilars

L.B. Servizi per le Aziende Srl is able to provide radiometric surveillance on semi-finished metal materials or products, in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 100 (G.U. n. 156 of 7.7.11).


Thanks to the capillary presence on the whole national territory, it is able to ensure that any activity relating to radiometric surveillance on semi-finished metal materials or products is carried out. In accordance with applicable law, attestation of radiometric surveillance is issued by our second or third degree qualified experts, included in the lists established pursuant to Article 78 of Legislative Decree 230/95 and The certificate also reports the last check for the correct operation of the measuring instrument used.


L.B. Servizi per le Aziende srl is able to ensure its intervention in any port, interchange, rail terminal, etc. On all Italian territory with low costs and with certain times of execution in order not to slow down the normal delivery procedures to goods to destiny.

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