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Radiometric characterization
of contaminated sites

The theme of the radiometric characterization of contaminated sites is a matter of timely relevance and great complexity.

A department of Nuclear Medicine, Metabolic Therapy, Radioactive Laboratory Laboratory or discarded industrial sites and areas subject to illicit disposal of both urban and industrial waste are examples of these contexts.

The situation in which we operate is the one where it is necessary to determine the presence of radioactive pollution, to identify possible contaminants and to quantify them. Radioactive contamination sources that may have affected industrial sites and abandoned areas in various parts of the country may be multiple.

The use of industrial and health radioactivity has led to the production and marketing of many devices and products containing radioisotopes that have not always been subject to proper disposal procedures.

Even industrial processes of substances containing natural radionuclides can generate residues and waste where concentrations of radioactivity can be considerably high and therefore environmental and radiological risk sources.


The identification of the radionuclides involved is, from a technical point of view, the main issue to be defined during planning. The nature of the radionuclides themselves and their physical state (solid, liquid or gaseous) have a decisive influence on the conduct of the investigation: in fact they depend on the sampling protocols, the choice of measurement techniques to be used and the criteria Of overall evaluation.

With a complete instrumentation, the integration of laboratory services and the presence of industry experts, LB Servizi is able to:

  • Define the sampling plan for the site of interest;

  • To define an appropriate radiological monitoring plan, to choose the appropriate analytical techniques;

  • Perform field and laboratory measurements;

  • Provide for the overall assessment of the levels of contamination found on the survey site;

  • Provide dosimetric assessment of the Workers and the population concerned.

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