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Radioactive measurements

in surface and air

Operational procedures applied in the field of radioprotection in the presence of unsealed sources require the indirect measure of surface radioactive contamination and air. The purpose of the contamination measures is to estimate the exposure resulting from any dispersion and subsequent resuspension of radioactive material to evaluate its contribution to the total dose.

The measure of the removable surface contamination is carried out using "smear test" or rubbing technique; The measurement of concentration of activity in the air involves aspiration on the filter and subsequent counting.


The instrumentation of LB Servizi allows the complete execution of determinations of interest:

  • Count beta total range of cellulose disks used for smear testing;

  • Count beta total range of cellulose disks used for aspiration and deposition of radioactive particulate matter dispersed in air;

  • High-resolution gamma spectrometry on cellulose disks used for smear testing, for the identification and quantification of radionuclide responsible for superficial radioactive contamination;

  • High resolution spectrometry on cellulose disks used for aspiration and deposition of airborne radioactive particulate, in order to identify and quantify the contamination contamination radionuclide.

With the integration of the different measurement systems and the availability of highly qualified personnel, LB Servizi is able to perform the complete radiological mapping of Nuclear Medicine Departments, Radiometabolic Therapy, Radiofarmacy Laboratories, Non-Sealed Source Handling Facilities.

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