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Qualified Expert

Qualified Expert is the person who possesses the knowledge and training required to carry out measurements, examinations, tests or assessments of a physical, technical or radiotoxicological nature, both to ensure the proper functioning of the protective devices and to provide all the necessary Other indications and measures to ensure the physical surveillance of the protection of workers and of the population.


His qualification is recognized in accordance with the procedures laid down in Legislative Decree no. 230/95 e s.m.i.


LB Servizi has in its staff of Qualified Radiation Protection Experts with the 3rd Degree of Qualification, able to undertake physical surveillance in the presence of:

  • Sources consisting of radiological apparatus that accelerate electrons with a maximum voltage applied to the tube, less than 400 kV;

  • Sources made up of radiogenic machines with accelerated electrons energy of 400 keV and 10 MeV, and radioactive materials, including neutron sources whose average production over the whole solid angle is not higher than 104 neutrons per second ;

  • Nuclear power plants, nuclear research facilities, nuclear facilities for the treatment of irradiated fuel, and other sources of radiation not included in the previous points.


Thanks to the complete instrumentation and the integration of lab services, LB Servizi is able to assist any organization that needs to use any kind of ionizing radiation source or that it must employ its employees at sites with exposure hazards Ionizing radiation.