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Reduction from exposures to radioactivity natural from radon gas in confined environment

  The deadline for starting measurements is expired.  

The Regional Law 3 November 2016 n. 30 "Reduction from exposure to natural radioactivity from radon gas in a confined environment" prescribes radon measurement for all places accessible to the public, regardless of location, across the regional territory.

The measurements are carried out in all the premises of the building concerned with passive instrumentation using ready-to-use CR-39 nuclear tracer detectors; it will only be necessary to remove the devices from the shipping compartment and place them at a height between about 1 and 3 meters in an area far from heat and air supply.

The measure will be determined as the average concentration value over an annual period divided into two spring-summer and autumn-winter semesters.

At the end of the measurement activities we will carefully arrange the communication to be transmitted within one month of the conclusion of the survey to the municipality concerned and to ARPA Puglia.

In case of failure to transmit the measurements within 18 months from the date of entry into force of the regional law, the municipality shall ordinarily order the transmission of the measurements carried out, granting a period not exceeding thirty days, the eventual and unsuccessful expiry of the measure suspension for legitimate actuarial certification.

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