Neutron Dosimetry

LBS is one of the very few dosimetry labs in Italy offering neutron radiation dosimetric.  The thermal neutrons dosimeter (LBSNT) is constituted by an outer shell equipped with differentiated filtration one oriented towards the radiation field and the rear part, two sensitive elements, respectively: one detector   LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR200A and other detector  LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR207A. 
LBS provides an accurate valuation of exposure to thermal neutrons using state of art procedures and appropriate equipment. 

The sensitive material of the fast neutron dosimeter (LBSNV) is an organic polymer made in Poly Allyl Diglicol Carbonate (CR-39), place in a plastic shell with 1 mm of thickness. The interaction between neutron radiation and the CR-39 produce charged particles, alpha particles and recoil protons which inside of the polymer cause a crack in the structure (track). 

A chemical process enlarge the tracks making them visible with optical microscope. 
The counts of visible tracks allows the evaluation. 

This dosimeter can be used in combo with TL thermal neutron dosimeter, placed inside the same shell.

Download Thermal Neutron
Technical Sheet

Download Fast Neutron
Technical Sheet


Valuation of exposure to neutron radiation.



  • Automatic data acquisition and evaluation;

  • Severe reduction of incorrect attribution of the dose;

  • High sensitivity of measurement;

  • Unimportant fading in a month;

  • Possibility of dosimeters sterilization according to thecnic in use;

  • Customization of identification labels;

  • LBS during every stage of processing of χ, β, γ, e   and thermal neutrons uses proprietary software and equipment within its own laboratories.

Technical Specifications

Name: LBSNT - Thermal Neutron Dosimeter 
Sensitive Materials:   LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR200A /   LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR207A 
Frontal Filtration: 1mm Al 
Back Filtration: 1mm Cd 
Minimum detectable dose: 30 µSv 
Linear range: 10    Sv - 10 Sv 

Name: LBSNV - Fast Neutron Dosimeter 
Sensitive Materials: 1 plate CR-39, 25x25x1,5 mm 
Filtration: No filtration - placed in contact is mounted in an ABS case 1 mm (about 20 mg/cm  )
Minimum detectable dose: 70 µSv under reference condition 
Linear range: 0,1 - 20 mSv