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Expert in Medical Physics

The activities of the Physical Physical Examiner are those primarily directed to the evaluation, optimization and verification of doses administered in medical exposures as well as to the quality controls of radiological implants.

The pursuit of these activities is allowed for graduates in physics holding a diploma specializing in health physics.


LB Servizi has in its staff of Medical Physics Experts, graduates in Physics and possessing a diploma of specialization in health physics.


With a complete instrumentation and presence in its staff of Medical Physics Experts, LB Servizi is able to:

  • Assist the Radiologist's Head of Unit to undertake appropriate quality assurance programs, including quality control, as well as evaluating the dose or activity administered to patients;

  • Acceptance tests have been carried out before the use of radiological equipment and therefore operational tests at regular intervals and after any major maintenance work;

  • Provide assistance in radiotherapy procedures, in vivo nuclear medicine and in all other radiological practices involving an expert in medical physics;

  • Provide optimization of exposure exposure, including patient dosimetry, as well as problems related to radiation protection related to medical exposures.