Film Dosimetry

Dosimetry film is one of the most valid and successful methods of assessing exposure to ionizing radiation. The film badge (LBSFB) provides an accurate assessment of exposure to ionizing radiation, using methods and equipment meeting the current state of the art. The outer shell is thin, lightweight, durable, and perfectly symmetrical. 

The sensitive material is composed of two different films with two different sensitivity emulsions, all enclosed in a light proof plastic case. 

The sensitive part is divided into five areas differently filtered. A complex algorithm is used to evaluate the exposure dose by the blackening of the areas.


Evaluation of exposure to ionizing radiation χ, β, γ and e-.



  • guarantees information over time;

  • calculation of algorithm provides a reliable valuation of the absorbed dose;

  • each film is uniquely identified by a code number imprinted mechanically;

  • customization of identification labels..


Technical specifications

Name: LBSFB 
Sensitive material: AGFA Personal Monitoring Film (22MUO) 
Minimum detectable dose: 40 mSv 
Usage Interval (dose): 40 mSv - 1 Sv 
Usage Interval (energy):

     e  : 1.75 to 5 MeV;

Photons: 10 keV - 3 MeV


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Technical Sheet

<#> Radiation not included in the scope accredited by ACCREDIA