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Over a short amount of time L.B. Servizi per le Aziende srl (LBS) has become one of the most important companies in Italy in the provision of radiation dosimetry services. Founded in 1997, it operates throughout the country, providing services to many users. 
Globally the LBS offers high quality ionizing radiation dosimetry services to a wide range of customers, including hospitals, private hospitals, dentists, veterinary clinics, universities, national laboratories, police, army and specialized industries. 

The full range of ionizing radiation dosimetry services offered by LBS includes measuring of x and gamma radiation with thermoluminescent detectors and photographic emulsions deposited on dosimetric films; thermal neutrons with thermoluminescent detectors, fast neutron with etched track detectors.


LBS also conducts assessments of average concentration of radon gas activities and its decay products in air and water. 

The analysis and processing of dosimetric data is based on the most advanced procedures and highest accuracy of dose assessment in line with current technology available on the market. 

LBS performs periodically defined and documented calibration sessions of its measuring equipment at Italian and European accredited calibration centers, also participating successfully in intercomparison exercises organized by Italian and European public and private structures.


The strengths that have made the LBS one of the most important of dosimetry service Companies on the national scene.


The preparation and the professionalism of its staff combined with complete and constant availability shown towards users, has led LBS to achieve very high customer satisfaction rates.